Next Genium & VK Play

Next Genium & VK Play

On March 10, at the prototype.indie pitch session held by VK Play, Next Genium PR manager Yevgeny Asseserov presented Godreaper — soulslike in a Slavic setting to the jury and gamers. In total, 10 projects out of 60 were selected for the event.

The pitch session was evaluated by professionals in their field: 

  • Konstantin Sakhnov is the founder and producer of Vengeance Games studio
  • Oleg Dobroshtan is the Director of Brand Development at Astrum Ent.
  • Andrey Rybin is the head of the Astrum Ent new Project evaluation team.
  • Svetlana Karacharova is the PR Director of the Lesta Games Group of companies.

Evgeny received a useful feedback from the experts. They really liked the visual, the plot and the overall vibe of Godreaper. The general opinion of the jury is that despite the cool world, elaborate ENT and cool art design, first of all, players need to be attracted by the combat system. In general, the project is very much awaited and closely watched by people from VK Play. 

The jury also noted that there are not many soulslinks on the market, so Godreaper has every chance to become popular both in Russia and abroad.

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