Next Genium Studio took part in the Synergy Cup

Студия Next Genium приняла участие в Кубке Синергии

On May 18, the PR manager of the Next Genium game studio, Evgeny Asseserov, took part in a panel discussion of the Synergy Cup. It was dedicated to gaming journalism in Russia and the world, as well as its history, formation and development. 

Andrey Voronov, editor-in-chief of the GreatGamer portal, and a journalist of the portal also participated in the discussion Alexander Vishnevsky and the editor of the RuStore game direction  

Evgeny Mirkin. Mikhail Pimenov, Director of Development at the Faculty of Esports and Gaming Industry at Synergy University, supervised the conversation. 

The participants discussed the history of the formation of gaming journalism in Russia, professionalism in this profession and the opportunities it opens up. 

The PR manager of Next Genium stressed more than once that game journalism is an excellent entry point into game development, not only in PR and marketing, but also in other areas of the gaming industry. Evgeny also noted that the PR man is a full—fledged member of the team of authors and developers. 

"A PR person can also influence the development. His advice, if he is worthwhile and intelligent, can be listened to and accepted by the head of a particular project. Any good PR manager, in addition to external communications, is deeply immersed in the internal process of game development," said the PR manager of Next Genium. 

In addition to the panel discussion, Evgeny discussed further plans for cooperation with the Synergy University Career Center. Next Genium is looking for talented developers and more. Our current vacancies can be found in the relevant section follow this link.    

The Synergy Cup was held according to the game "World of Tanks".

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