The gods, who brought harmony before, became the cause of decay and rotting of the world. And someone must become a new hero who will raise his hand, not to preserve the name of the great Kin, but to wipe the sins of the gods from Mother Raw Earth.

Learn the incredible stories of the fallen gods.
Immerse yourself in a dark ancient world, where you will be haunted by the hauntingly catchy recognition of the rhythm of songs, tales and heroes.


Use various weapons, magic and divine abilities to build battle tactics against unique opponents. Explore vast and varied locations in search of various artifacts and materials to craft them. Save up your power to survive battles with terrifying monsters that retain the might of the Slavic gods they once were.

What makes our game memorable?

  • Each weapon has an additional unique shape.
  • In combat, the player can attack enemies with magic, control living flying weapons, and pick up axes, swords, and spears directly from the ground.
  • Equipment can be crafted on your own, combining materials using a comprehensive forging system.
  • Each boss has unique mechanics and features that seriously challenge even souls-like veterans.
  • Godreaper tells an interesting and intricate story about the fall of the Slavic gods through a global plot and multiple quests.


Stavr, a mighty warrior, a bogatyr, who has proved his loyalty to his native land and faith with his entire life, finds himself on the rift of three worlds: Pravi, Yavi and Navi.

The gods, in whom he believed, have lost their power and are fed with the most perverted human vices. From the world of the dead came entities that Stavr had only heard of in legends, and the former enemy - the steppe people - has gained unknown power and is snooping along all the paths of his native land.

The warrior goes in search of his father and his kidnapped sister. He decides to bring his family back no matter how many gods he has to kill, no matter how many hearts he has to tear out.

In the course of his quest, Stavr discovers the complex and confusing reasons for what has happened.
The pantheon of the world of Pravi turns out to be not so righteous, and Navi is not so stinking and vicious, as it was bequeathed in the Ancestral Letters.