Short Description.

Single-player story-driven Survival horror. With a deep combat system based on dismemberment and tactical approach. The protagonist is an ordinary scientist who finds himself on an underwater station infected with an unknown virus.


Opponents in the game are divided into 3 main groups

Common Opponents.

Standard zombies, dangerous in groups of several individuals, high amount of health, but slow.
Any weapon is effective against them.

Fortified Opponents.

Standard enemies with increased health and protected limbs. Forces the player to think about what weapons to use and how to properly fight a group of enemies.

Special Opponents.

Special enemies have improved AI, as well as special abilities that bring variety to the combat system, as well as increase the complexity of gameplay through unconventional behavior.

Varieties of Weapons.

Of the standard weapons, the player only has a pistol.
The rest of the weapons are various devices and traps that allow you to disarm enemies at a distance, slow them down, and cut off their limbs, making them less dangerous.
Enemy behavior and damage tolerance also force the player to use different weapons to match each enemy for more effective combat.

Kinetic weapons

Energy weapons


Visual Style.

  • Sci-fi
  • Art Deco
  • Retro-futurism
  • Futurism.

Pumping System.

Weapons Improvement.

Every weapon in the game can be improved using consumables and resources.
Upgrading a weapon increases its damage, properties, and ammo.

Character Character Upgrade.

  • Passive
    • Some of the player's abilities and parameters are passively pumped as the player uses them
  • Active
    • Player manually improve their parameters and abilities using the crafting and enhancement system